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Methods of harvesting precious coral
#1.ROV (remotely-operated vehicle)
#2.Coral fishing net

#1,ROV (remotely-operated vehicle)

...visual inspection and hand picking...
How to collect by manned or unmanned ROV
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Collapsed pieces or colonies above a certain size are lifted with the manipulator arm on the ROV as if by hand, while being checked visually for the species, shape and quality. A coral colony fanning out like a peacock's open tail feathers can be raised intact from the deep ocean floor. The ROV has made it possible to harvest coral selectively and dig out coral branches buried under layers of sediment. These hidden treasures are unlocked to be used as jewelry.
The ROV has also contributed to research on coral preservation by collecting precious coral samples and information from the bottom. Information includes soil quality, land form, depth, temperature, and the speed and direction of currents.

#2,Coral fishing net

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