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Harvesting waters

The western Pacific accounting for a small portion of the habitat area
The Mediterranean Sea in shallow coastal waters
The western Pacific (Asian and Midway Island region)
Precious coral is harvested mostly in the western Pacific including Japanese waters, and the Mediterranean Sea. The habitats around Japan are in the sea south of Tokyo from Hachijyojima Island to the Ogasawara Islands, off the coast of Wakayama Prefecture, Kochi prefecture and southern Kyushu, and waters from the Goto Islands to the Ryukyu Islands. Among them, Cape Muroto and Cape Ashizuri in Kochi Prefecture, Amami-Oshima Island and Tanegashima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Kyushu, and Okinawa Island and Miyako-jima Island in Okinawa Prefecture are major harvesting areas. Other western Pacific habitats are found over a wide area spreading from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Hainan Island to Vietnam and further south to Indonesia.

The Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean precious coral inhabits the shallow diver-accessible waters. Major harvesting areas are along the coast.

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