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Precious coral jewelry
The style of precious coral jewelry reflects various traditional cultures and has changed with the times. However, it has always been popular among people of all ages throughout the world and has acquired a status of universal value partly because of its scarcity. In Japan, precious coral has been used regularly for kimono accessories.
Simple one-stone rings and round bead necklaces, a classic style, still enjoy high popularity because the style maximizes the beauty of coral. Coral is also made into various chic designs as fashion rings drawing on its characteristics as a highly workable material.
Kimono accessories
Craftsmanship makes a large difference in transforming coral into prized ornamental Kanzashi hairpins and obi (sash)-dome brooches that enhance the attraction of the Japanese kimono.
Fine craftsmanship combined with the distinctive colors of coral elevates the beauty of coral to the realm of fine art.

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