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ؑI1) Material selection

A coral colony branching out like a tree is made into jewelry, sculptures, carvings, and kimono accessories according to the shape, color, and quality.
fUCɓ2) Design

A rough design that suits the color patterns of the coral is drawn on it.
Jbg3) Cutting and trimming

After unnecessary parts are cut off with a motorized diamond tipped saw, the coral is trimmed to the size and shape of the intended use.
r4) Rough carving

Skillful craftspeople rough out the design with a dental tool called a router. These craftspeople rely on the messages that their trained fingertips are detecting and the design these artisans have in mind.
d5) Finishing touches and sanding

The details are carved in the coral using more than twenty kinds of finishing tools before sanding with several different grits of sandpaper to finish the carving.
ȟo6) Final polishing

The coral is soaked first in a dilute hydrochloric acid solution, then in cold water and in hot water. The cycle is repeated for 20 minutes to bring out the intrinsic beauty and magnificence of precious coral. It is polished for the last time to achieve the highest luster.

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